Mosquito Control

Are You Ready for Mosquito Control That Really Works?

Are You Ready for Mosquito Control That Really Works?

Ask about our mosquito control services in Shelby, Iron Station, or Gastonia, NC

Are you tired of spending money on sprays and candles that just don't effectively repel mosquitos? It's time to try something new. The experts at Mosquito Free Solutions have created the Pro Tech Max system as a long-lasting yard mosquito repellent. Our exclusive integrated mosquito management program includes larvicides and other patented ingredients that do more than just repel adult mosquitos.

Stop the mosquito life cycle on your property right away. Our mosquito control service is available in Shelby, Iron Station & Gastonia, NC.

4 stages of protection for your yard

When it comes to mosquitos, a barrier spray just isn't enough. Our mosquito control service was developed and perfected through years of research. It's more than just a barrier spray. Our system ends the mosquito life cycle. Our four stages of protection are:

  1. Property evaluation
  2. Habitat removal
  3. Larval control
  4. Adult control

We offer both one-time and recurring treatments. One treatment lasts approximately 21 days. Contracts are never required, but we offer discounts for season-long contracts. Call 888-341-2847 now to get your free quote for our yard mosquito repellent in Shelby, Gastonia, or Iron Station, NC.